The Original Holiday Light Saver
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Untangle your holidays in seconds with the Holiday Light Saver. This kit encases holiday lights - even those pesky icicle lights - in a plastic sleeve that prevents them from tangling with other strands and saves storage space. Even the longer single strands can be used with the Holiday Light Saver. Each bag is 15 feet long - ample length for most icicle lights - and the single strand lights (100 count) can be folded in half to fit within the bag. To bag the 50 foot (300 count) light sets, simply fold them in half and then fold again.  To remove the lights from the bag, simply secure one end to the light strand to a chair or socket, slide the lights from the bag, unfold, and hang.  The Holiday Light Saver provides fast and easy light storage with reusable bags for years of use.  Ready to store in seconds - Ready to hang in seconds! Bagging tips and instructions are included in each kit.  Avoid the untangling frustration when lights are stored with the original Holiday Light Saver.

Each Kit Includes:

  • Holiday Light Saver
  • 2 Pre -Loaded Cartridges
  • 120 Feet of Plastic (8 Bags)
  • 1 Re-Loading Cone
  • Item #: HLSKit

The Original Holiday Light Saver

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